Migration 4.0

I’m currently working on Openhab 2.5, I wanted to migrate to the latest version, but I can’t do it. I installed the new version 4.0 on the new SD card, is it possible to copy all of them? Things , Items , Rules ,

The latest version is 4.1

You can copy the conf files across. There are some breaking changes so some modifications to your conf may be needed. Keep the old installation intact and separate until your new one works.

What rule language were you using?

where is this conf file? is it located?

It is more than one file.
In an apt based system configuration that are manually edited the files are located in /etc/openhab.
GUI based config files are located in /var/lib/openhab/jsondb.

A backup can be created using the command openhab-cli with parameter backup.

Thank you for the tip, the configuration has been copied, but nothing is working for me at the moment, I have to continue.

Not everything is compatible between the versions. Does the openhab.log file show error messages ?

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