Migration from Win to Ubuntu what can i restore?

can anyone please tell how can i save some work and what can i take from windows (OH) conf/userdata/runtime? folder

from what i can tell i can take
site map
and the simple stuff right?

Yes the higher level folder that contains items, sitemap, rules etc… you can take the contents of each folder and use on your new oh box.

what about user data? and runtime can i take something from there?

and where to deploy? on linux its very dispersed
did not understand how the file system works

Have a look here:Backing/Restoring up openHAB2.x

This should grab everything if you use it. As far as I know all files are portable between the operating systems.

I configure my system only by files so I generally only need my items things sitemap…

As far as where to put the files, all the pertinent folders are exposed via samba. They are named conf, user data, etc.

Please note that this is only the case if you are using openHABian. A standard apt or manual installation does not have any files exposed via share.

Yes, openhabian can be installed on Ubuntu then expose samba shares. Thanks for pointing out this step.

i am using a Barebone OH not HABian

one Q…why do i need samba? i am using TeamViewer for file sharing, any disadvantage you see if i dont use samba?

@Gad_Ofir No disadvantage to not having samba except file editing over a network share. If team viewer does this or you will edit on the machine oh runs on, then no loss.

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