Migration from Windows

Hi Everyone i’m thinking about migrating my OH from a WIN machine to something like a RPI (I have never used a Rasberry so could be a problem) how hard would this be? Or would i need to start completely from scratch? is there anything i could do to make the migration easier if i do decide to migrate in the future?

My OH is running on a windows 10 machine i setup all my things,items,bindings using paper UI
My Rules are text
I would also like to keep my habpannel i have been working on

Not hard.

I’ll recommend using openHABian to install OH and related servers on the RPi.

Then use the backup script (in the bin folder I think) to create a backup of your config. This will get the contents of your conf folder and parts of your userdata folder.

There is a restore script as well which will take your backup file and put everything back where they go.

@Benjy, is there anything special one has to watch out for when going from Windows to Linux? Does the backup grab HABPanel configs?

thanks for that

Yes I remember you telling me about this when I was saying about saving a last known good Config

It should do yeah, although I’ve never had the chance to test from Windows to Linux yet. Would be great to hear the results!

Did this work?

Yes I think it did its been awhile since I migrated from windows either way

Install openhabian on the pi and just copy your main config files over there may be a few additional things you need too do like reinstall bindings and config but your rules and item files will move straight over