Migration of Piface binding to OH 3

I’m a happy user of OH for many years. The main reasons are:
- The excellent OH-community,
- The great Eco-System (-> many Add-ons),
- myopenhab_org and
- OH(-automation) works like a charm.
The many fundamental improvements as announced in the OH3 Release post are fantastic news to me. Now it’s the right time to start planning the migration from OH2.5 to OH3 :slight_smile:

Currently I’m using several OH 2-bindings that were/are listed under ‘Add-on Reference’.
Besides this, I’m using the Dominoswiss-Binding for the control of all our shutters (remote control and automation).
I suppose that these (OH2 bindings) will continue to work also on OH3 as expected.

I’m using the two following v1 bindings on OH2.5:

  1. Novelan/Luxtronic for the control of my heat-pump:
    Concerning the migration to OH 3, the corresponding thread ‘Migration of Novelan/Luxtronic binding’ looks quite promising to me :slight_smile: And this, even thought that the Poll Result only shows ‘1’ on ‘OH1 Add-on compatibility overview with OH3 - GitHub’ (-> Add-ons to Migrate, No clue why there’s such a poor result (?)).
  2. PiFace (2) for the control our garage-door (remote access and automated closing half an hour after sunset).
    I love this little I/O-daughter-board because it provides all features that I need. And it also fits into a small dedicated case. However, this v1-binding worries me the most. On ‘OH1 Add-on compatibility overview with OH3 - GitHub’ it shows a Poll Result of ‘0’ (-> Add-ons to Migrate).

Hence my Question:
How feasible is it, that someone might be willing to migrate Piface - Binding v1 for OH3?

I can’t imagine that I’m the only one using this pretty little I/O-board with OH (?)

Another option is to continue to run that binding on OH2 and use the remoteopenhab binding to get the OH2 Items into OH3.

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Thanks a lot, Bruce
If there are no limitations that might negatively impact my requirements (and this seems to be the case based on the description of remoteopenhab), I will def. consider this as plan B.
Plan C might be the implementation of an OH3-compatible alternative to the PiFace daughter-board. But why should I replace such a great working hardware if either Plan A or Plan B will solve this little challenge :slight_smile:
Currently I do have two RasPi’s in production anyway. So I could install OH3 on my other RasPi where I plan to install either Homeatic CCU3 or Raspberymatic anyway (assuming that this will work with OH3 side by side).

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Hello PasCom,
good to see that I am not alone.

I also started to prepare a OH3 migration…

Unfortunately I do not have the skills to detup the OH3 binding myself and was always hoping that someone would jump in.

Probably I try to go the road that Rich has proposed…

“interact with PiFace using shell scripts or Python and control it from openHAB using the Exec binding/executeCommandLine”

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I would love to see this working as well.
Currently using the piface remotely with the piface binding. Would love to see any way to know if my garage door is open/ajar/closed, without investing in new fancy hardware

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I decided to use

on all my raspi sensor/actor nodes. This obsoletes the piface binding and I can use the MQTT binding.

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