Migration OH1 -> OH2, especially z-wave related

Here is what I did … just documenting it for anyone else who might be looking at jar and .cfg files … as there was absolutely no such thing for me:

  1. start with openHABianPi fully automated install (so nice!)
  2. open the web UI (port 8080) -> click on paperUI
  3. under Extensions - User Interfaces -> install HABmin
  4. under Extensions - Bindings -> install Z-Wave Binding
  5. Go to the “Inbox”, which is still emtpy
  6. click the blue plus icon
  7. click the zwave line
  8. click on the serial controller
  9. (the only step not in your browser UI:) check on the console the ports via ls /dev/ and in my case ttyACM0 must be the one …
  10. back in the browser on the web UI, added /dev/ttyACM0 under serial port and saved it
    (at this monemt I was wondering if I could/should change the Thing ID?)
  11. Waited a moment, not sure on a refresh … so I went to another page … then back to configuration > things, see that the Controller is then marked as ONLINE
  12. wait a few minutes for the inbox to fill with content
  13. Click on each device and then click on ADD AS THING

And this takes you to the point where you can take your OH1 items file, copy it over, and replace the binding with the channel to the thing … because you now have the channels all within OH2.

Good luck!

For 9. I think it is easier to use the command “dmesg” in the console

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For 10 I do recommend changing it. If due since reason you need to wipe out your userdata, the Thing I’d cut the controller will change when you next set it up and you will have to update all you Items.

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