Migration question

I currently have OH 2.5 (OpenHabian) on my pi. I’d like to wipe out 2.5 do a complete fresh 3.0 install. I have never tried to do a clean install since I used an OpenHabian card image, and then just the automated updates ever since. I do not see any instructions anywhere to for how to do a clean install of OH3-RC1. The instructions for snapshots and milestones are for different repositories.

It seems like there must be more to it than just this:

sudo apt purge openhab2
sudo apt update
sudo apt install openhab

This should give you a good starting point
Guide: Installing and testing OH3 snapshots/milestones using APT and YUM

Yes I’m there. The very bottom about using other versions seems to apply.

wget https://openhab.jfrog.io/openhab/list/openhab-linuxpkg/pool/main/3.0.0~S1919/openhab_3.0.0~S1919-1_all.deb
sudo apt install ./openhab_3.0.0~S1919-1_all.deb

But in the RC1 directory, there are 4 different files to choose from.

openhab-addons_3.0.0~RC1-1_all.deb   14-Dec-2020 16:00  164.68 MB
openhab-addons_3.0.0~RC1-2_all.deb   14-Dec-2020 22:02  164.68 MB
openhab_3.0.0~RC1-1_all.deb          14-Dec-2020 16:00  79.18 MB
openhab_3.0.0~RC1-2_all.deb          14-Dec-2020 22:02  79.18 MB

So which one am I supposed to use?

How will this impact things like Grafana and InfluxDB? I’m guessing since those are separately installed applications, they will need to be reconfigured from scratch?

Can’t answer this reliably as I don’t use them in my current test-environment - but I can tell that there is a nice standard graphing tool based on rrd4j persistence already integrated, which should suit the most common needs.

Cool. I will pull the trigger after work tomorrow. I wish I had a spare pi to install this on so I could experiment without nuking the operational unit.

You should be able to just use a second sd card with a new image.

I’d start with a fresh new SD Card and use openHABian, which provides already a openHAB3 (milestone or build) option with sudo openhabian-config.
then do as described as above.
and then here

I myself switch from textfile-based configuration (OH2) to UI-based configuration (OH3) and therefore don’t migrate something, but built anew from scratch, also to get rid of some old f$%ked up namespacing of items and stuff and I move to the new Model-based approach, which I really like…

so basically I already started a few weeks back with the milestones and learned by doing. OK, I do have a whole bunch of Pis to do my tests, and my “old” OH2 still runs as main instance and will until I finally pull the switch to OH3…

Actually the newest milestone is Release Candidate 1. I would be sure to read up on it first though. It has been out less than 24 hours and there may be bugs in it.

there are a few, if I follow correctly, but presently I just built my model and integrate all bindings I can use in parallel, and if noone tests the RC, the bugs cannot be found and fixed! :wink:

True, but Milestone 4 was such a disaster I am just a little extra hesitant.

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I read this and spent the next several minutes staring at the screen wondering why on earth I didn’t think of that…


Well that got as far as step two before the first failure.

[03:41:56] openhabian@openHABianDevice:~$ sudo openhabian-config
[sudo] password for openhabian:
openhabian is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.
[03:43:05] openhabian@openHABianDevice:~$

Unless there is some other user with rights, I assume I will need start over reburning the SD card?

Update: Burned image and redid install, same problem. Dead stop at step one since there is no way past this I can see.