Migration to openhab2, with KNX binding

Hi Everybody,

i just migrated my openhab instance to openhab2, with knx binding, following openhab migration.

All went fine, except that i cannot control my domotic anymore :wink: When i go to paperui, in the control tab, nothing appears. When i want do add things, i get an “inbox -> choose binding” blank screen. I see all my items in configuration -> items.
I have a blank dashboard when i go to classic ui too.

I do not have any error message in the log files. I think i do not understand well how openhab2 works.

Thanks for your help !

knx binding is 1.x, so you have to configure it the OH1 way.

Hi Udo, thanks for helping. I followed the migration tutorial so all my files are like
in openhab1. Classic UI does not show my interface too. Does it mean that i cannot use paper ui
with a knx binding ?

Would you have an idea ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, Paper UI is more or less only for configuration and administration, not for daily use. And you can only reach OH2 bindings.
If you have defined a sitemap, you can use http://openhab2.udo.lokal:8080/basicui/app?sitemap=<your sitemap> to display in basic UI.