[MiHome] Aqara Motion Sensor, no Illumination with latest SNAPSHOT

Hi all,

I just upgraded from 2.3 stable to 2.4 #1310 and noticed that my Aqara Motion Sensor doesn’t report illumination anymore. Is this a known issue? I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the binding, no change.


I restored my OS image to openHAB 2.3 and now I noticed this might be a general issue in my system.
Sometimes illumination is reported correctly, but too often illumination is not triggered and on top reset to 0. This makes it impossible to NOT turn the lights on, when sun is shining. Any help is welcome

Did you find an solution? i get the same Problem but what is strange. When i just Connect the Xiaomi Sensor in PaperUI i get an information every minute that Illuminaion changes. But if i create an Item for the Sensor no Data of Illumination any more :frowning:

my “solution” is that the sensor is not good enough to detect low illumination. my testroom was just too dark. I expected low two digit values but most of the time the value was just 0. in a brighter test room, everything works as expected.