Milight and slider items?

Can anyone give some pointers on how I could setup a slider item to control my Milight white led bulb?

This Dimmer item does work…

Dimmer Light_Office1d “Light1d” (GMF_Office) {milight=“bridge1;1;brightness”}

But my attempt at a slider item does not work and throws my whole sitemap out when I try it out…

Slider Light_Office1s “Light1s” (GMF_Office) sendFrequency=“1000” switchSupport {milight=“bridge1;1;brightness”}

Tommy - a Dimmer is an item type, whereas a Slider is a UI widget.

So you must define your item as a Dimmer and then optionally render it in your sitemap using the Slider widget.

Thanks Ben, the wiki made it read like it was also an “item”…

I just have a bunch of items in a group and then just display the group in my sitemap… I guess this means I’ll have to be more specific about the items I want to show.

Thanks for the reply!