Milight binding broken by ESH changes in OH 2.2?


I’m in the process of upgrading from OH 2.1 to 2.2 and I can’t get the disco mode working in the Milight binding. This used to work in OH 2.1. I’ve also noticed several posts recently about Milight not working for night mode and white mode.

Looking at the Milight binding code I can’t see any breaking changes between 2.1 and 2.2.

What I have noticed is that the channels that people seem to be complaining about are defined differently in thing-types.xml compared to the working channels. E.g.

<channel-type id="animation_speed_relative">
        <label>Animation speed</label>
        <description>The speed of some animations can be increased or decreased</description>

In OH 2.1 when this was bound to a Dimmer item the command would be sent to the binding. It looks like OH 2.2 no longer forwards the command to the binding.

@Kai Has there been a change in ESH which would account for this issue?

@MikeJMajor id never used 2.1, I started with 2.2 and am now on 2.3.

I use a lot of Milight lights / LED strips though and have never gotten animation speed to work for me.