Milight Binding for OH2 - Discomode doesn't work


I’m using OH2, milight binding for OH2, openhabianpi on a PI3 and some MIlight RGB bulbs.
So far all functions are working (color, whitemode, brightness) but discomode won’t.

I did copied the sample-commands from the binding description at OH wiki and just named the items like my name scheme and filled in the correct channel of the bulb.
But nothing happens.

I tried to use some custom switches and buttons with custom commands “INCREASE” in habpanel but this also doesn’t work.

Then I had a look at the automatically rendered “Control” section at PaperUI and the Milight Bulbs controls lokk a little strange.

Instead of a switch or pushbutton (like described at wiki) there is a dropdown menue with “Suspended, IDLE, Running, Corked, Drained”. And none of the modes are working too.
Also I tested some combinations with the brightness and animation speed fader (why a fader? There should be an “increase-pushbutton” too as I understand the wiki).

Is there anybody out who’s running the discomode successfully?

I have the same issue here.
I cannot link a Dimmer Item in the paper UI. Only way is to create an Item in PaperUI and there it chooses a String-Item. Then I have the same issues as you have. I don’t get the disco mode to operate.

Can someone please support?

I don’t have a fix for the problem but maybe a solution how to make the discomode work.

Have a look at this sample rule: Pulse Light
I took this basis and made the milights color-changing.
Just put a variable into the “send” command for the milights which stands for the the color value (values from 0 to 350),
and with each round of the while-loop increase this variable about 5 or so, set a little timeout after each round and if the value gets higher then 350 set it back to 0 so you have a never ending color changing loop.

Try this and if you need more info just ask and I will send you my code, but I have to minimize it a little bit because of the integration of some more features and light scenes

Hey all,

a new version of the milight binding is in progress. Especially the animation modes experienced a new implementation. You can download the beta version in this thread:

or just wait for the binding to be released with OH 2.1.