Milight Binding ok but lamp doesn't switch

(hhaensel) #1

I am completely new to openHAB and I am experiencing my first difficulties!

I installed the latest version on an old synology NAS 215j :slight_smile:
I setup the milight binding and found the IBox2 and many things such as milight:rgbwwLed:09558c4b:1:ledbrightness. I think I linked the channel correctly to a dimmer and switch item, so that the dimmer goes to 0 in a HAB Panel, when I switch off the lamp.
BUT: the lamp (a dual white LED) doesn’t switch.

Maybe, I have an old version of the white LED? (It is sold via Brilliant)

With the latest Milight 3.0 App I can control the lamp via smartphone, so in principle the connection works. But in the list of devices no “whiteLed” is offered.

I hope one of the experts can help me!

Thanks in advance,

(Vincent Regaud) #2

Could you post a screen shot of the channels offered by the thing?
And also add a little info about your system

See:How to ask a good question
Items: 4, 9 and 11

(hhaensel) #3

Thank you for involving yourself and sorry for my delayed answer (family, kids, …)
I am using openHAB on a Synology DS215j with DSM 6.2
IBox2 is successfully recognised via Milight-Binding.
The table of things is that is being offered upon searching Milight is

All rgbw color - RGBW Led
Color (iBox) - IBox integrated Led
Rgbw Color (Zone 1) - RGBW Led
Rgbw Color (Zone 2) - RGBW Led
Rgbw Color (Zone 3) - RGBW Led
Rgbw Color (Zone 4) - RGBW Led
Rgbww Color (Zone 2) - RGBWW/White Led
Rgbww Color (Zone 3) - RGBWW/White Led
Rgbww Color (Zone 4) - RGBWW/White Led

The thing Rgbww Color (Zone 1) - RGBWW/White Led is not offered, as I have used that one for my testing.

Meanwhile I have played around a bit with the Milight 3.0 App. In this app there is a selection of remote controls and only with one I get my LED panel working: remote2, I cannot bind my lamp to any RGBWW-Remote control …

Thanks for any comments in advance,

(David Graeff) #4

Have you checked rgbw as well as rgbww and is the zone definitely correct? Try the “all” thing as well if in doubt.

The oh 2.3 milight V6 support is working but has a leak that will sooner or later flood your logs and consume all available thread resources. Upgrade to oh 2.4 as soon as it’s out.

Cheers David