Milight binding over MAC Address

Hi guys, Is it possible binding Milight devices over MAC Adrr instead of over IpAddr and port? Thanks

No, it isn’t.

What is your use case for such a question?.

Hi @hmerk, thanks for reply
I want to use my milight over MAC addr because I want to fixed/lock milight device from my server. So i dont need to re-configure, because of ip change or network environment change.

Don’t really understand what you want to achieve. Why don’t you use static ip or static dhcp ?

I am afraid that I will not implement your request.

Please note, that there is a openHAB 2.0 MiLight Binding version under review which uses autodiscovery for bridges 4.0 and higher.

Support for hostname instead of IP address would be useful in my case. When switching between dev and live environments I can use different IP addresses for the bridges (via static dhcp) but do not need to change openhab config because hostname will resolve to the new IP address.

So you have two bridges ? Do you also have a dev and live openHAB environment ?
What’s the point for address changes then ?

Actually I have five bridges :slight_smile: I wrote the milight module for FHEM (which does resolve hostnames) but am in the process of switching to openhab. The whole house is controlled by the automation system so any work I do has to be at a quiet time. Using hostnames means I do not have to hardcode IP addresses in any of my configs and can use the router instead to fix those addresses. Eg. I can configure hostnames for milight1-openhab and milight1-fhem and easily change the actual device it is talking to (and point it to a fake IP address for testing). Just means less goes wrong when I’m fiddling!

I thought OH can do like milight app (showing mac addr/autodiscovery).
Wow, autodiscovery? Cant wait for it.
Thanks @mattwire, maybe your feedback is another solution for me, thats help me a lot