MiLight Bridge: change name of things not possible (will not save)

fresh openHABian 2.1 stable installation:

I am having trouble with adding ‘things’ from my Milight Bridge. When adding Milights (RGB) from the inbox as ‘Things’ I can change the name but not the location. When the added item is a thing I can click edit and change the name and location but when I am clicking the save button it does nothing.

When I look into the console of the browser I get:

Error: groups is undefined 
setConfigDefaults@ $scope.update@
<Rest deleted because a new user can post max 2 links in a post...>

With other ‘things’, unrelated to the Milight bridge I can change the name and location without any problem.

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I’m not certain but I think this has been fixed in 2.2, which was just released.