MiLight Bridge - not all bulbs receiving commands

I have the MiLight binding running on the testing 2.4 branch although the same issue was there when on Stable.

Basically one of my zones has one bulb, another two bulbs and a thrd zone has four bulbs. I grated a group called all lights and add all the zones to it.

When a event is triggered it sends a on command to the group however quite often a bulb and multiple bulbs don’t recieve the command. I could be one bulb from the zone that has four or it could be one bulb from multiple zones.

Any ideas?

I would make sure that Mi-Light bridge is within a decent range of the bulbs. It communicates with the bulbs via RF and is different than your WiFi coverage. So a good central location between the diff zones is best.

You can also add into the bridge settings to repeat the command. If you are using PaperUI, you can go into Configuration -> Things -> Your MiLight bridge -> Edit -> Show More at bottom. Then the setting is called “Repeat Commands”. You can try increasing that value. Screenshot attached.