Milight brightness

I’ve tried to implement this as well, but I’m getting an error -

Cannot determine item type of ‘officeVirtualLightON’ org.openhab.core.items.ItemNotFoundException: Item ‘officeVirtualLightON’ could not be found in the item registry7

Items (I’m not sure what is the function of the first labels in the definitions “Brightness” etc, I have tried with and without these) -

Switch officeMilight {milight=“mlbLounge;1”}
Switch officeMilightNight {milight=“mlbLounge;1;nightMode”}
Dimmer officeMilightBright “Brightness” {milight="mlbLounge;1;brightness}
Switch officeVirtualLightON “On/Off” {milight=“mlbLounge;1”}

sitemap -

Frame {
    Text label="Lights" icon="bulb" {
        Text label="Office" icon="bulb" {
            Switch item=officeMilight label="On/Off"
            Switch item=officeMilightNight label="Night Light"
            Switch item=officeVirtualLightON label="Brightness"

rules -

rule "Office Light On"
item officeVirtualLightON received command ON

I’ve tried several variations of this configuration, the error persists.

Yes, saw your double plost, please avoid to do so.
I commented in your other post.

Apologies, I will continue on the other post