Milight - Cant find any Things, only Bridge

Milight Binding is installed
Things: Milight Bridge is online
but i can´t se any Channel or Switches

can anyone Help me?

There you can read:

Found bridges will show up and can easily be added as things. Unfortunately Milight like bulbs have no back channel and can not report their presence, therefore bulb discovery is not possible.

Your device needs to be connected to your local network (i.e. by using the WPS button connection method or the native App shipped with the device). Read the device manual for more information about how to connect your device to your network.

Also read this:

The Bridge is in the Same Network as the OH Server.
An the LED-Controllers are linked with the Ibox

You need to add the bulb things manually using the paper UI

Goto Inbox and click +

Choose “Milight Binding”.



Thank you,
i will check!