Milight Mode not working?

Hi. I have got myself some milight bulbs and the old bridge without fancy light etc.I cant get mode to work in openhab, but in the app it works fine. Is this a common issue?

There are different versions of the milight available. Is yours a V3 or V6 variant? The bridge thing in OH should tell you the version.

Cheers, David

Hi. I dont think the binding version i have shows any information. I can only see ip and port under my bridge item. I’ve read that there should be a new binding for the newer bridges but im pretty sure mine is the old-old bridge. It supports 4 groups


unfortunately this doesn’t help :confused: Even the new bridges only support 4 groups. The description of the bridge should tell you the version. And if still in doubt, the bridge item name definitely encodes the version. Could you post both here?

Because mode setting works completely different in both versions I need to know this first and can then try to fix it in the binding.

Cheers, David

Here’s what i get when i edit the bridge item.

This looks like the old milight binding without V6 support. You need to update to a later version, not older than 4 months. Should be version 2.1. Maybe the mode problem is even already fixed there.

Cheers David