Milight No. of bulbs per wifi controller

I have bought one Milight wifi controller and have connected 4 bulbs.
The milight binding is working as expected which is great.
I have two questions:

  1. In the milight FAQ ( it is stated that " the number of bulbs per wifi controller is not limited". The binding however seems to limit this number by 4. Is this correct?

  2. Another question: It seems that the binding does not get the status of the bulbs if they are operated with a remote control. I am assuming this is by design of the binding and not by user error. Please confirm.

Cheers Martin

The bulbs use UDP for communication, and that communication is one way, so you’ll never get any status back from the bulbs sadly.

The bulbs can be split into zones (1-4) with unlimited bulbs per zone, but only 4 zones. So you’ve got 4 groups you can control using openhab/the remote

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As @richbeales already wrote, the bridge does not provide bidirectional communication. Number of LED lights per channel is not limited, as the binding just adresses the different bridge channels. On a milight remote, you also just have 5 channels : All, Group 1-4


@richbeales and Hans Jörg,

Thanks for the explanation.