Milight Things file no longer works, OH2.5.10

I recently upgraded to OH2.5.10 and hereafter my things file does not work. when I open things in paper UI can I see zone is not filled? .if I manually add a bulb via paper UI there are no problems with the zone.

my Things file that has worked.:
Bridge milight:bridgeV6:mybridge [ host=“”, bridgeid=“F0FE6BBB676A”, passwordByte1=0, passwordByte2=0, repeat=1, delayTime=100, KeepAliveInterval=5000 ] {
Thing rgbwwLed RGBGang [zone=“3”]}

hope there is one sitting with a solution. as I prefer to work with things filers, rather than paper UI

Don’t know the binding but try removing the quotes from the number. Only strings use the quotes, not numbers.

Thing rgbwwLed RGBGang [zone=3]}
same result, zone is still empty in paper UI.

look up the non merged espmilighthub binding in this forum and consider moving to the opensource hub.