Milight with different subnet than

platform: armv7l - Turris omnia router, LXC container
version:openhab 2.4.0 stable, binding version 2.4.0

I have openhab running in lxc container on router (turris Omnia) and I have 2 network interfaces eth0 with address and eth1 with address
One interface is in local “trusted” network and second in IoT network where I do not allow any client open connection to secure network.
I can ping any client in IoT network from secure network, but not opposite.
I have old Milight bridge which is discovered by openhab as “Milight Bridge (first edition)” and it works in any network (secure or IoT) issue I have is that in secure network bridge is online but if i set it to IoT network it is always offline (even it was auto discovered by openhab with IP address in IoT network)
I tried to change default network in PaperUI under Configuration/System/Network settings with no effect.

Can someone help me to explain what network protocol, ports etc. are used to check if bridge is online - I think issue will be somewhere on my network settings but debug it is far over my knowledge.

Thank you for any hint.

Just some thoughts :thinking: :thought_balloon:

Isn’t communication bidirectional? Since your IoT Network can’t communicate with your other network you can maybe send command to a device inside your IoT Network but the device inside your IoT network can not respond.

Master: Ping -> “are you there?” -> Device
Device: Ping -> “Yes!” | BLOCKED BY ROUTER
Device: “Yes yes yes, please listen to me :(”
Master: “Ping failed, you are not online”

Hi BB,
thank you for direction,I just checked ping to milight bridge from LAN segment and also from from openhab server and in both cases response is OK

I have in OH server 2 eth interfaces - one attached to LAN and one to IoT network and even if I set main network to IoT, milight work only in LAN.

I am pretty sure the milight hubs use UDP packets, the port should be easy to find with google but you can use an opensource hub that uses MQTT and the binding for it is found here…

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Thanks for hint @matt1 , I’ll give it a try soon.