Millheat Wifi Electric heater openhab binding

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(Bjørn Otto Vasbotten) #1

In Norway, we have just gotten a new product line on the market called Millheat Wifi, which seems ok to use with the proprietary app, but of course the obvious question would be if there can be made a openhab binding for it.

Some product links:

I still havent been able to find what kind of technology they are using to communicate with the ovens.

Have anyone else been searching for this, is my first question. :slight_smile: Would be happy to assist in making a binding, but not sure i will be able to take the lead in such a project.

So, just putting this thread here so that others who google for such a binding can find it and maybe voice there interest.

Norwegian home automation forum with tread about among others these ovens:


(Bjørn Otto Vasbotten) #2

Update, took some time, but now two years later we see that there is already an unofficial integration to Millheat being made, the api consumed there could probably also be used in an openhab binding


But also there seem to be progress being made towards an open api being published by millheat itself.

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(Lars Mikael Solberg) #3

Hi, this is for home assistant, does this work for OpenHab aswell? cant find mill in the bindings list in the documentation, thanks for the update btw =)


(Bjørn Otto Vasbotten) #4

Link was mostly meant to just give some background info about the progress for a millheat api. :slight_smile:


(Lars Mikael Solberg) #5

Allright, guess we have to wait then =)


(Danielhiversen) #6

Here is the python library that Home Assistant use:


(Ståle Breivik) #7

Anything new in the openHab connection whit Millheat?
there is an Open window function🤪

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(Arne S) #8

I have started on an integration using the API used in the python library by @Danielhiversen. There is also a new public API defined, but no access have been given yet.

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(Bjørn Otto Vasbotten) #9

Sounds very exciting!


(Arne S) #10

First draft available:

Known shortcomings (to be fixed later)

  • no support for independent heaters
  • some properties only visible in the pymill script that I have not seen in any communication with the server from my side (open window, fan support etc) are not supported
  • No channels with information on which program and mode being active

Note: set log level to DEBUG for this binding to see full http communication with API. This will help me when debugging issues or for adding new features. NOTE: Be sure to remove sensitive info from log traces before posting them here - traces contains username, pwd, access tokens etc.

Happy testing! :wink:

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(Runar B) #11

Great work with the Millheat binding @seime! I’ve been waiting for this binding for a long time :grinning:

I’ve installed the binding and I can see the values for power, current temp etc is being returned to OpenHAB.
However, when trying to change the temperature using the TargetTemperature channel, nothing happens.

I have increased the log level for the binding and it shows data being returned from the heater every 60 second, but when I try to change the temperature the log only displays:

2019-03-19 21:15:41.735 [nt.ItemStatePredictedEvent] - millHeater_1Floor_Office_TargetTemperature predicted to become 24 °C
2019-03-19 21:15:41.754 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - millHeater_1Floor_Office_TargetTemperature changed from 23 °C to 24 °C

(Arne S) #12

New beta release available for testing:

Updated docs:


(Arne S) #13

Updating temperatures was not implemented in the previous alpha release.

Now there is support for setting temperatures on independent heaters (that are NOT connected to a room) as well as room program temperatures (away, sleep, comfort)