Min/Max settings in new UI

With OH3 I switched from habpanel to the new UI (still using habpanelviewer). I use thermostats (Homematic) to control the temperature in my rooms. I use the stepper item now in the UI to change the temperature. Just like in the old habpanel (and sitemap) I chose min (18° C) and max (23° C) values for the temperature.

Whenever a window is opened the Homematic system sets the temperature to 5 °C, it has always been like this, this is not related to OH. Here is the difference: When I close the window, in habpanel and sitemaps the temperature set value is the same value that it was before I opened the window (e. g. 21 °C) .
In the new UI, OH sets the minimum value (of the stepper item) as new target temperature, in this case 18 °C, not the actually set temperature (21 °C). For me this is a new experience that the UI sets the temperature without any action from my side. Is this a bug or is it intended bevavior? If this is how the items in the new UI should work, I will remove min/max settings generally.

This will be all about the Item, what device it is actually linked to doesn’t matter.
Can you expand on “sets the value”,do you mean just a visual effect, or it is sending an unwanted command to your Item?
Sounds like a version of this -

It sounds like another version, yes. I see the same lines (“predicted to become…”)
It is really sending a value to the item, not only on the screen. That is what’s bothering me. Habpanel and Sitemaps don’t do that. I know those are different things but I would expect the UI to act in the same way. It should not change the value based on its range. It should not change the value at all if I (or the Homematic program) don’t change it.

As per the thread referenced, this is a UI bug and there is an issue open for it.

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