Minecraft intergration

I have build a Minecraft server and connected it with spigot plugin bukkit whatever and i see it in PAPER-UI as a thing and everything is working i think.

I would like to before i give this server to my kid to use connect it to basic-ui, so i can see who and how many players are active and so on start server and stop it etc. I found a site a month ago where it was explained pretty well how to setup items, sitemap, rules, and things to connect and bind all together but now its gone. If anyone has any info on this i would really apreciate it. Thanks.

Hi there!
Yes thats exactly where I´m at. I also installed a minecraft (paper) server 1.12.1 onto a Raspi 3 which I´m able to approach from my windows based minectraft client. OH2 (installed on a Raspi 2) wont recognise the minecraft server automatically. But we can input manually the IP and it return some data (uptime, users, etc:) Next step would be to create a redstone switch and to associate it with an item in OH2. Does anybody know how I can manage that? sign below the switch??
Thank you!!

If I’m not misremembering (did this a while ago but my kids were not as impressed as I was so I didn’t play much more with it) you have to put the sign above a block with redstone dust and then lead the dust to a switch so you can toggle it between active and not. I think I also came to the conclusion that only the first row of text on the sign is important. The easiest is to follow the spigot log while experimenting, I think the plugin writes out when it sees something relevant.