Minimum of values a parameter

Hey, for a widget to display data I need the minimum of values.
Is there something like mimumum ( value1, value2, value3 ) to enter in YAML etc.

Widget expressions support the standard JS Math utility which has a .min function.

Hey, I don’t want to modify the widget, but to enter the minimum of some items as MiniItem of the widget. Can you give an example ?

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If the items are all Number items, you should be able to add them all to a group, with aggregation MIN, and then add that to the widget.

Wie wähle ich dann unterschiedliche items gleichen Typs aus ?
Bekomme diese nicht zur Auswahl angeboten ?
Danke im Voraus

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Sorry, but I don’t speak German.

Sorry about the german answer

I dont find a way to select different items of the same type to be a member of a group.


Create the Group Item. Set the type to Number and the aggregation function to minimum.

Navigate to settings → items → your group item and under where it says “direct group members” there’s “change” which will bring up the list of all your items you can search through and add a checkmark next to the ones you want to be Members if the group.

If you don’t want to set a parameter on a widget then what the widget shows is the state of the Item. Period.

If the Item’s state isn’t what you want to allow, you have to set parameters on the widget. One option to seeing parameters is to use an expression which includes Math.min().

Thank you, but there is no direct group member :

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You have to create the Group Item, before you can add members to it.

To repeat the steps I outlined above more clearly:

  1. Navigate to Settings → Items → +
  2. Set the Item properties as desired with the following:
    a. Type: Group
    b. Members Base Type: Number
    c. Aggregation Function: MIN
  3. Click “Create”

  1. Navigate to Settings → Items → Your newly created Item
  2. Under “Direct Group Members” click “Change”

  1. Click “Members”

  1. Select the Items you want to be members of this Group

  1. Click “Close” and then click “Apply”

Thank you very much.

Worked well.

Klaus-Dieter Brinkmann