Minor Updates for bindings (zWave!) only dB Updates

Hello guys
Hello binding developers
Hello Chris

I asked me this question many times, now I’d like to ask you.

Does it make sense to release minor, tiny, small, binding updates, which only brings update for devices, not more features.??

I assume, I’m not the only one who only wants to get his new devices running on a stable version?!

Since I have crashed my complete production environment at the try to install a snapshot version of the zWave binding, I decided to live with out these devices until a stable update knows then.

Please let me know your thoughts and decisions about this ideas.

Thank you,

Yes, it does make sense, and this was the original plan I believe (ie to have a 2.0.x version). However due to the time required to perform the releases this hasn’t happened.


Thank you for honest answer.
Is there anything how I can help?

I have a bright It knowledge…
and I’m willing to help.