MIOS binding - Use Vera as front-end

Hi to all,

Can someone bring some light to my ignorance about how to start with mios and openhab ?

scope : use vera as front-end mainly because of remote-access security issues

platforms : Veraplus UI7 (my bad …) - OH2b3

I’d like to manage from Vera the devices installed in OH2. I;m a bit confused because most of the examples I’ve looked in refer to the opposite. My major points are the following :

Which is the file to assign the vera server ?
How to synch the OH items to Vera ?

Thank you very much for your assistance,

The mios binding is ment for controlling the vera from openhab. I’m not sure there is an easy way to do the opposite… If what you are talking about is controlling an existing zwave network from vera this is possible if you add your vera as a secondary controller.

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Well that will do most of the work for me and I certainly never thought of …

Do u have any experience in such setup ? Meaning the secondary controller will still be able to receive all updates from devices and provide commands. How about if there are compatibility issues like let’s say the secondary has limited support for a dimmer but the primary has no issues with that. I guess that these issues (limited support of secondary) will still remain, isn’t it ?

Thank you very much for the immediate feedback and idea you gave me.

I am running vera as secondary at the moment, but only testing… seems fine so far. Note that the lifeline association group usually only allows one controller, so more or less you have to choose for each device which controller to use. Chris has written something about this in a post earlier. For unsupported devices in openhab(security devices for instance), you can have them in Vera, and use openhab to control them via the mios binding. Not sure if it would better to run a seperate zwave network on the vera in this case though. If you search the forums or google ‘vera as secondary controller’ you might find some more info.