Misconception of OpenHab Models

Hey there,

after a long time of running an openhab instance with many things i have upgraded to the newest version and try to “migrate” some of my things to use new functions of OH. I have read the docs and try to find answers in the community, but i even have an understanding problem:

If if have an Equimpment in the Modeldesigner, i can add “Points” to this. I dont unterstand the difference between Points and Items. In the Modeldesigner i cant add existing Channel-Links/Items as Points but if add a new Point it seems to be an Item with different Name.


  • I have created an Thing “Thermostat” and created an item “TargetTemperature” with “add link to Item”.
  • Now i cannot “connect” TargetTemperature to an Equipment, but if i delete “TargetTemperature” and create over the Modeldesigner it seems to be the same thing…

I hope the explanation is understandable…

PS: I am suprised how active and professional the development is and have to say thanks to the great poeple who do that job!

Thank you very much!

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Just go to the Item, enter edit mode and change the parent group to your equipment in the model.

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Omg… :see_no_evil:

Thank you very much!!

It’s all Items. What differentiates them are the semantic tags. A Location is a Group Item with a location tag. An Equipment is a Group Item (rarely they can be other types of Items) with an Equipment tag. A Point is any Item that has a Point tag and optionally a Property tag.

So, there is no difference between a Point and an Item. All Points are Items but not all Items are Points.

The semantic model is a way to structure and view some of your Items from a physical hierarchical view.

I think this is something that trips people up.

Also, I wish there were a way to modify the Location/Equipment that Items belong to from the Model View. I think that too might avoid some confusion (drag and drop would be awesome!) But I think there are higher priorities right now.

Anyway, the confusion is understandable and Hans-Jörg absolutely has the current approach to do this. I just wanted to fill in a little of the background.

Also, this is one reason why I recommend using “Create Equipment from Thing” and “Create Points from Thing” to create the Items in the first place. It’s a little awkward to add an Item that isn’t already in the model to the right Equipment/Location.

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