Misconfigured my new OH3 system?

Hi guys,

I was on the final stretch of completing my migration to OH3.
As of a last configuration the system has become extremely slow (CPU load measured with top goes beyond 100%, whatever this means, for a few seconds to then fall back to 2 to 3%). It takes 2 to 3 seconds to toggle a switch.
Also, I am now required to enter user/password (of a user) on iOS though my system was not protected (yet) with credentials.
I am getting a little desperate and would like to get your help on what went wrong.

Regards :pensive:

what where the last steps that you did before you detected that the system is slow ?

I don’t remember precisely what I was doing: I think I played around with API security. I thought that I reverted everything, but apparently without success.

In the end I restarted a fresh openhabian installation from scratch again!