Misleading screenshots in Wiki for charts

It’d be great if the wiki in relation to HABPanel had screenshots of actual widgets that can be created without any CSS and coding. An example is the example of the chart widget… This is not what the default one looks like so I’m assuming this must be a grafana chart that is being embedded into HABPanel?

I assume the screenshot above is a type of “n3-line-chart”… Any pointers on what to put into the Service Provider field?


You need to put the name of your persistence service in the Service Provider field
If you are using rrd4j then put rrd4j
I use rrd4j, mapdb and influxdb

In my case I have put influxdb as the Service Provider


Thanks, I did try rrd4j but nothing shows in the chart.

Hi Tommy,

Is the item persisted in your rrd4j.persist file?
When you select a n3-line-chart 3 tabs appear in the widget config dialog
In the Series tab, you need to add a series and select which item you want to display


Awesome thanks, yeah just stumbled on that now.