Missing almost all Bindings in OH 4.0.2

Hi guys,
i somehow ran into some problems. I had my OH running on 3.2.0 on my pi 4. Needed to upgrade, because the Netatmo Binding is no longer working with my 3.2.0 installation.
I updated via the openhabian-config. Now it shows 4.0.2 but i see almost no bindings in the marketplace (“only” 44 or so). The installed bindings I took over from 3.2.0 seems to work somehow but I dont see them either in the marketplace.
Somehow i screwed up, don´t know where to start ;(

There are far more add-ons compatible with OH 3 than there are compatible with OH 4 on the marketplace. The fact that those 3.2 bindings work in OH 4 is actually pretty mysterious. They should work as is. There were breaking changes between OH 3 and OH 4 that would require, at a minimum, that the add-ons be repackaged for OH 4. Some code changes are required too.

It’s highly likely there simply are not 4.0 compatible versions of these marketplace bindings published.

They probably do not have the version ranges defined so they show up while they won’t work.
The entries with the ranges in the screenshot use them with the wrong syntax so I’ve corrected those.

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i just ran OH 4.0.2 on my Windows PC and i can see much more Bindings than on my pi. Like almost 200. And i can see the ones i need :wink:
I still dont understand, why they dont show up on my pi installation.

Did you check the log files for errors/warnings?

I am a hopeless noob :wink: Dont even know where to look for these logs.

I hava another question: How do i update my OH3.2 to 3.4? When i try the update-options in openhabian-config i just always end up with OH4.0 which gives me trouble right now.
Is there any way?

Yes read this @Beasty :

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