Missing channels on Xiaomi sensors

Hey guys,
I’m running openHab2 on my raspberry pi 3. I have few Xiaomi sensors and also Xiaomi gateway. All sensors works through gateway binding.
Now I would like to try to connect sensors to openhab directely.
I ordered zigbee usb stick CC2531, flashed firmware “cc2531znp-pro-secure_linkkeyjoin.hex” into it, made CC2531EMK Coordinator in Paper UI and now I’m trying to bind sensors.
I succesfully bind WSDCGQ11LM temperature sensor, but I can see only Temp,Humidity and Pressure channels and cannot see battery channels in Paper UI. Then I tried SJCGQ11LM Water Leak sensor, and there I can see only battery channels, but not “alert” channel.
Can you somebody tell me what I’m doing wrong?


It works with some xiamoi stuff but not all. Be sure to check the zigbee readme for the list of devices known to work. Not listed devices may work but have not been shown to work. Unfortunately Zigbee is a little more open of a standard than Zwave meaning just because it says Zigbee doesn’t mean it is compatible with all other Zigbee devices/hub/coordinators.

I tried different FW for usb stick and it worked in different way. There were another chanels, not all but another ones. That’s why I asking, if there is some spoecial FW or If I miss some settings.