Missing feature in openhab2 usage? paperui vs. groups/tags vs. habpanel

Hello all,
I am very new with openhab but have some experience with fhem.
I love the idea of openhab2 to do everything out of the browser.
As far as I understood, the idea is to configure all items in the paperui without using the cfg files any more and using habpanel for displaying them nicely.
My problem is, that habpanel offers functions that I can not be fulfilled with the paperui configuration.
In my special case I want to use the itemsWithTag(tag) function in habpanel but can not set tags for items via paperui.
Same for groups.
How is this intend to do?
Do I have to delete all my items out of paperui and add them back via cfg file just to get tagging and grouping?

Don’t get me wrong. I like this “new world”, but if it shall be a consistent system there should be all needed settings possible in the configuration that are needed for displaying. Especially now, as there is a nice habpanel demo along with the demo installation that is using one of this functions (itemsInGroup(‘GroupName’)).

Thank you very much in advance.
Best regards,

I’m afraid so. The administration UIs still lack some features for creating and managing Items. This is one of them. If you use any 1.9 version binding you will need to create those Items in a .items files as well.

The end goal is consistency and its getting better and more capable day by day. We just aren’t quite there yet.