Missing Home Page

Ok. The Demo shows a page called “Home” that contains all the locations. I don’t have a page of type HOME and can’t create a page of type HOME.


When logged in as admin, you should see a little pencil on the upper right of your overview page, not being in edit mode,

This pencil leads you to the edit mode of your home page.

But I don’t have a page to edit if type “home” and the + button doesn’t list that type to add.

It to I CHANGE a page to home by editing the code?

You are talking about this demo: https://demo.openhab.org/ ?
I don’s see a page called “Home”.

Do you mean the “overview”-page? You can edit this page when you search vor “Overview” in the pages menue.

The content of the tabs “Locations”, “Equipment” and “Properties” is created automatically and depends on your Model/Semantic Tags.

/settings/pages. There are tabbed, floor plan, “home”, chart, layout, and map. All of these types show up as creatable. Except home.

It may be auto created as a derived page, but if so, it is unclear what has to exist first.

As said, when you are logged in as admin (even on the demo server), you should be presented with the overview page like screenshot from demo server

And you can find a little red pencil in the upper right. This let’s you edit the home page settings…

The Home page is, in deed, autogenerated. It is the page related to the the settings and options for the semantic model tabs. In order for it to be available, you need to have a correctly configured semantic model. If you’re not going to use the semantic model then you don’t have to worry about the home page.

Adding your own widgets to the page that loads on opening MainUI is through the “overview” page which will be in your pages list.

Just to elaborate a bit.

The Home page is autogenerated and cannot be removed. It can be configured by clicking the pencil icon like @hmerk shows. You can’t create it yourself nor can you remove it.

The Home page consists of four tabs: Overview, Locations, Equipment, and Properties.

Overview is a “Layout” page named “Overview”. You should find it listed under Settings → Pages as “Overview”. This is a free form page where you can put stand alone widgets on in any way you desire.

The remaining three tabs are autogenerated based on the configuration of your Items: semantic model and default list Item widgets mostly, but some things even on these pages can be edited list the order, layout to some degree, background images, which badges are visible, whats visible to users and admins, etc.

Side note, I’m running snapshot #3395 and find I cannot edit nor create any Page at all, be it editing the Overview or creating something new. I’ll report it on the snapshot thread but mention it here in case anyone is seeing the same and can chime in over there.

Thanks. It threw me when the demo showed the page, but I could find no info whatsoever about it! So, I will work on my other Location, Overview, Equipment, and Properties (I think I have that all correct) pages.

I’m working right now on creating my locations and groups on the model window. And finding out that (remember, I’m new and intentionally sandboxing) I really should not have added everything under the sun to model (I added EVERY ITEM I have as “create Equipment from thing” to the model)

Still as HAPPY as can be and having OODLES of fun!


There’s a PR in for this that just waiting on review.

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And here, I though I was the only one (on very rare occasions) to accidentally create a bug.

Fixed in build #3397, FYI.


I can confirm. I finally straightened out my Ansible scripts and updated and now it works. I love it when a problem I find is already fixed and merged even before I discover it. :smiley: