Missing items in myopenhab

Platform information:
Hardware: Corei5/4 GB/500 GB
OS: Gentoo Linux
Java Runtime Environment: Oracle 1.8.0_192
openHAB version: 2.3.0

I have added my Nest Hello to openHAB. I also have created items for most properties. I have selected some of them in the openHAB cloud configuration, but not all of them appear under items in myopenhab.

For example, I can see this item in myopenhab:

FrontDoorCameraNestHello_Last_event_StartTime (Type=DateTimeItem, State=2018-11-18T06:59:43.328+0100, Label=Start Time, Category=null)

But I cannot see this item in myopenhab (URL replaced for this posting):

FrontDoorCameraNestHello_Last_event_ImageURL (Type=StringItem, State=A_URL, Label=Image URL, Category=null)


To appear on myopenhab.org each Item must receive at least one state update.

If you post your configurations within code fences, the URL will not parse in the forum software so you should be fine.

``` (3 ticks on a blank (first) line)
``` (3 ticks on a blank (last) line)

You can edit your post above also to apply code fences

Thanks for the hint. I added the code fences.

I did not add the URL to the posting for security reasons.

I just checked that this ImageURL does indeed change for each new motion event from the camera, just like the StartTime. So, myopenhab should display the item then, I think?

strange… do you have any other String Items exposed and being displayed on https://myopenhab.org/items ?

Only this specific one doesn’t work?

Try to change it’s name as a test, expose it and press Save in PaperUI->Configuration->Services->IO->openHAB Cloud
This will restart the addon and you will need to have a state update again for the newly renamed item to show up.

Yes, I have for example the Event-StartTime item, which is also a String.

I now renamed the Event-ImageURL item (the label), unchecked it in exposed items for cloud, saved, checked it again and saved.

Then I waited for the next camera motion event to occur. Again, I can see the updated StartTime in myopenhab but the ImageURL still did not appear.