Missing Menu Options under Add-ons

As you can see in the picture below, I have no menu options for Add-ons, so I can’t add any binding, etc. Has any one else had this problem? If so, how do you fix it?

I am running the latest production release of 3.0.1


Screenshot 2021-03-27 171412

Did you try clearing your browser cache?

Interestingly the same report popped up in the german Facebook group today. I also adviced clearing browser cache. But there must be a reason why this appears now.

I do know Chrome browser caching can pe particularly troublesome.

Clearing the Browser Cache did not correct the problem. Any other guesses for a solution?

Could you open the developer tools of your browser and check if there are any errors displayed?
(For chrome you can do this by pressing F12. I would have to check for other browsers.)

Maybe it is showing some errors which will help finding the cause if this problem.

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F12 works for Firefox too

I am apparent getting the following error


Try cleaning openhab cache. That solved it for someone else


Cleaning the cache did the trick