Missing Oppo binding


There is an oppo binding described at https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/oppo/.
However I can not see this binding in Paper UI - > Add-ons-> BINDINGS :frowning:

  • I have just upgraded to 2.5.7 (RPI3) hoping this binding will be added. But did not

  • Then I have switched on Access Remote repository in Add-on Management of Paper UI (then openhab stop and restart without clear cache)

  • I have checked if such a binding exisit using feature:list | grep ^openhab but did not appear.

  • I have addedd oppo in my adddons.cfg file (openhab stop and restart)

Is the oppo binding available somehow?

The Oppo binding was merged 7 days after the 2.5.7 release, that’s why it is not included.
If you want to use it, you can change over to SNAPSHOT versions. Oppo binding is included in 2.5.8-SNAPSHOT.

Thank you for information. I can wait for 2.5.8 Release Build :slight_smile: