Missing or delayed notification with my.openhab.org


Anyone experiences delayed notifications or even missing sometimes when using my.openhab.org ? There are times that messages come at once and others after many hours …

Yes. Another thread I can’t find now indicated that IFTTT gets its info from my.openhab.org via polling so how quickly the notifications appear depends on when the event occurred relative to IFTTT’s polling period.

I’ve only ever had stuff go missing when my.openhab.org losses its connection, which occurs far to frequently for my likes.


I’ve not seen delayed notifications but at several occasions they have been completely missing! This is a bit scary as I’m among other things using them for fire and burgular alarms =)

Check your logs and see if you see a lot of “Disconnected from my.openHAB service” and Socket.IO errors. In a given day I usually see 10 to 12 disconnects a day ranging from one minute to 10 minutes.

If I were using openHAB as a fire or burglar alarm I would not rely on my.openhab.org and instead use email, PushBullet, or something a little more timely and reliable.


I agree that sendNotification is nearly useless. I have a pair of sendNotifications --for Front Door Opened, Front Door Closed. So in theory when I (for example) leave the house, I should get two notifications. Empirically, I get both roughly 1 time in 10. About 6 times in 10, I get one or the other of the sendNotifications, but not both. The other 3 times I get neither.


I believe it’s clear that my.openhab is unreliable for sending notifications. I was hopping to work with a native solution meaning no bindings to other services… Any suggestions ? I’ve used twitter but the minimum sync-interval for androids can be 5 minutes. NMA and Pushover are worth paying for getting their service ?

Thank u all for your replies

I used NMA for awhile. You don’t have to pay if you have few enough notifications per month (hundreds if I recall correctly, I never hit my limit). However, I’m in a mixed household (wife likes iDevices, I like android devices) so NMA didn’t work. I set up an MQTT broker and used MQTTWarn to bridge to Pushbullet for notifications. This worked pretty well and notifications were delivered near instantly. But I had some trouble getting MQTTWarn to start as a service (I didn’t want to use Supervisor and I couldn’t get it to reliably come up on boot) and I have a bunch of other stuff coming to me over Pushbullet so, since I don’t have anything that requires a reliable instant alert I’ve fallen back on my.openhab.org.

The top of this thread at the old Google Groups provides more details.


Thanx Rich, I’ve come to the conclusion that finally mqttwarn maybe the best option.

I tried NMA and pushover and still not happy. Pushbullet I use for other purposes and seems to be more reliable.


I’ve implemented Binding and Action for Pushbullet. It is in an alpha state, but it’s able to receive and send Pushes. If anyone is interested in testing, i could share it.

Is it an OH 1 it OH 2 binding? If it is 1, I might take a look and try it out. I’m intrigued by the possibilities of receiving.

It’s an 1.x addon. I will paste a link + description after work.


I’m interested too, I will test and provide my feedback.

Thank you,

I removed the description, because I opened a seperate thread: Pushbullet Binding (and Action)

Will the binding support a transform or a regular expression or does the incoming to openHAB message have to be in <itemname:<value> format?

Also, you might want to make a new posting with the above information to get more visibility.

For the moment it has to be item:value. What format would you prefer?
I will make a separate posting after a few people tested it.

Format doesn’t really matter per se. I was just going through potential use cases in my mind and one use case could be to use PushBullet as a point of integration between openHAB and something else. I’m just brain storming so I don’t know if this stuff is even feasible.

Lets say I get the pollen count forecast sent to me via SMS every day. I can have Tasker pick that up and forward it via PushBullet. If the binding supported a transform or even a RegEx I could parse the number out of the message and drop it into my Item and add it to my weather forecast.

I know its a pretty weak use case at this point. Like I said, just brain storming use cases.

I’ll post my experiences with it once I have a chance to install and use it a bit later today.

I’ve installed the plugin and am able to send notifications to PushBullet without trouble. I’ve only used the actions so far and I’ve only published to the default device but so far it seems to work great.