Missing Reset Item at ZMNHYD (Qubino 16A Wall Plug)

Hello together,
I’m missing the meter_reset Item for this Device.

I transferred my Login from old cd-jackson Site to new one, but missing the “update Device” Button at overview. Maybe not legitimated until now on new Database.

Here the XML File, can reset is on true in COMMAND METER CLASSnetwork_c9dac8d5__node_90.xml (13.2 KB) .

Anybody with Experience in new Database can make this changes?

The manual attached to the database does not list any reset parameter/ Perhaps it was added on newer firmware.

That is because you did not read the Reference Guide.

To use the database you must first register on the site, then email, or open a ticket to have your access updated to allow you to edit the information. Please avoid adding comments to this page or other pages to request access or discuss issues. The comments section is to help provide a record of changes, or device issues and shouldn’t be used as a forum as it is not read routinely.


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Thanks for fast reply.

I allready opened the ticket, but allways “frightened” to make some changes there :wink:

Thats why i wrote… with experience on new database :slight_smile:

What makes you think there is a Reset ITem? the documentation we have says otherwise.

It is always good to be careful It is easy to break a lot of other users.

The device support command_class_meter Version 3
As I know meter reset is allways part of command class meter. Until yet I never found a command_class_meter without meter_reset.

Further in XML File at command-class there is a note canReset=true.

Further: In Z-Wave Specifications every command_class_meter V2 or higher has to support it: cumulated dataThis action MUST be available to the end user if both nodes implement version 2 or newer and the supporting node indicates that meter reset is supported.When the end user performs this action, the issued command MUST comply with Table 21. Table 21, Meter::Reset cumulated data FieldValueCommand (v2)METER_RESET4.11.3Node properties



I need to defer to @chris on that assertion.

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It is NOT mandatory - the device can decide to support this or not.

Maybe, but I have certainly seen them, and in any case since it is not mandatory, we can’t just add it to every device.

If you want to add the reset, then you just need to add the meter_reset channel to the appropriate command class.

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