Mistake in Settings->Persistence


on the HTML-page on Settings->Persistence to install Maria-DB is one problem:
the installation of the MariaDB-Service is labeled as “JDBC-Persistence (SQLite)”, this Label is also used for another service to install- see the uploaded screenshot:

Please check it and correct it…

Sounds a bit harsh, doesn’t it ?
Please open a bug issue at github.


If so, I’m sorry.
The team of OpenHAB makes a good work, the system runs stable since OpenHab 2.1 in my Home.
Mein Englisch ist nicht das Beste- es reicht locker für das Lesen von Handbüchern, an der Stelle trifft es aber offensichtlich an seine Grenzen…

:slight_smile: Jens

Please don’t swap to German.


Where I can find the link to open the bug? I’d only found a link to edit the pages directly and to fork it on github:

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