Miyo Binding available?

Hi all,

I am interested in the new miyo smart watering system. It is a system produced by the company Viratec from austria.
On their website they say that it is compatible with openhab. But I can’t find a Miyo binding or any other hints on how to integrate it with openhab.
Any idea how to integrate it? Or is it maybe a wrong information on their website?

Their website openhab link only send us to OH website.
Have you asked them how they have integrated it with OH, what it the API?

yes, I contacted them and I am waiting for their answer. I just wanted to check with the community if I missed sth. and there is a binding somewhere in development or hidden.

Any news on this?

In the meantime I got an answer from Miyo.
They said their .jar file is still in development and has a two bugs. Whenever it is ready it will be published…

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I asked them the same question.
Let’s wait for the actual status :slight_smile:

Just got a response from their CEO that someone will get back to me about OH.

Updated response:

We have an alpha state Binding on GitHub or Eclipse Marketplace


Any documentation available? Can’t get the binding to connect to the cube (invalid user)…


I’m also interested in the MIYO for smart garden starter kit. Unfortunately the Binding on GitHub is still from 2018, based on the last commits.
Has anybody the “alpha” version in use and is it fine working? Is it required to have the MIYO cube in place or can I re-use homematic/homegear to connect the MIYO devices?


the company miyo is bankrupt and dead. dont invest too much time.

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Yes , Miyo is unfortunately bankrupt . See news Here

For thise searching the community here for garden irritation Solutions, which could be linked to openhab:
Cloudrain might be an alternative . They have a Quite straughtforward RestAPI , documentation here
However I have no experience with the device. And it is as well a small startup - similar to what Miyo was …

Someone thinks there is still hope (5 days old):

MAYO say that they are back in business (updated 07.08.2020):

Here is already a plugin:

But I was not yet able to compile it successfully.