Miyo Binding available?

(DB FFM) #1

Hi all,

I am interested in the new miyo smart watering system. It is a system produced by the company Viratec from austria.
On their website they say that it is compatible with openhab. But I can’t find a Miyo binding or any other hints on how to integrate it with openhab.
Any idea how to integrate it? Or is it maybe a wrong information on their website?

(Vincent Regaud) #2

Their website openhab link only send us to OH website.
Have you asked them how they have integrated it with OH, what it the API?

(DB FFM) #3

yes, I contacted them and I am waiting for their answer. I just wanted to check with the community if I missed sth. and there is a binding somewhere in development or hidden.

(Tom Araya) #4

Any news on this?

(DB FFM) #5

In the meantime I got an answer from Miyo.
They said their .jar file is still in development and has a two bugs. Whenever it is ready it will be published…

(E. Gerland) #6

I asked them the same question.
Let’s wait for the actual status :slight_smile:

Just got a response from their CEO that someone will get back to me about OH.

(E. Gerland) #7

Updated response:

We have an alpha state Binding on GitHub or Eclipse Marketplace