Mobile Sensors OH

Is it possible too add my mobile phone sensors too openhab

Please expand your question and tell us what exactly you are trying to do.

Which phone? Which OS? Which sensors?

Have you looked at Tasker?

If I were guessing, He is probably asking if you can use your phone as a proximity sensor, like you can in Smartthings. Thats only if I were guessing though. For example, when you get within 2 miles of your house, turn on all the lights, etc.

Samsung A5 2017 , Android, sensors like the gyro,accelerometer ,barometer

i have looked at tasker i have not got a clue how to get it up and running thats why i just posted a general question

im just wondering if its possible i have not got an idea what i would use the sensors for just extra data points maby use the accerometer for automating morning and sleep routines

im mainly just curious how you get the data from an app like tasker to inside openhab?

I know thats possible thats not what i mean

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thanks rich i will have a read through there now i have no experience with rest api or any api other than hue but i have heard it mentioned on here