Mobile user interface security in openHab

Hello Everybody,

I’m doing my research about the security in mobile user interfaces (Android and iOS) to manage smartHome using Openhub.

Can you give me some ideas about this topic :

  • The existing security in OpenHub mobile interfaces (Android et iOS).
  • The difference security used between Android and iOS (OpenHab user interface).
  • Using much different applications (Android and iOS) connected to the same server, can it make a security problem ? or the server can be down ?
  • What do you think about a safety mobile application to manage my smartHome ?
  • How can i create a safety mobile user interface (OpenHab).
  • Did you have some propositions or ideas to ameliorate the security ?
  • How can i protect Mobile user (OpenHab) ?

Please your ideas can help me to well studied my research domain.

Thank you

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