Mochad Dim/Bright rule example

I’ve got Mochad working great for sending/receiving ON/OFF commands. I have an X10 Powerhorn that I’m trying to get working. The horn has a chime that will ring if you send an ‘ON’ command followed by a ‘DIM’ command. I’m not sure how to send the DIM command in OH. I’ve tried using the same format that I’m using for a Zwave dimmer.

Dimmer Alarm_Living "Living Room Alarm" <alarm> (Living,Alarm,X10Horn,Presist) { mochadx10="b15:rf:dim" }

Here’s part of my rule:

	sendCommand(Alarm_Living, ON)
	sendCommand(Alarm_Living, 30)

The last line is supposed to dim to 30% … I’m guessing the syntax is different when sending dim commands to the Mochad binding?