Mochad X10 status (receive)


I am planning to use Openhab with my X10 devices, most of them are 2-way (can send back their status)

As far as I know the mochad binding does not update the device status received by the mochad server from the devices.

Are any plans to implement this feature? If you guys need any help I can assist you with testing, or if you can point where to start to modify the binding I can code if needed.

Thanks in advance.

I used to use X10 and never found any devices that sent back status, other than the Insteon switches which can be assigned X10 addresses, but I don’t really consider X10. Curious what devices you have!

The device is a micro-module by chinese brand TAIYITO (TDXE4404), it sends its status back trough the powerline when the switch is locally activated/deactivated (you cannot do a polling)