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Fellas, sorry if posted in wrong category, but need help.
I was searching for steps on how to add modal window, found several topics related to this, but could not find where to add this, exact steps. I’m working with latest version of OH2 and still using it by modifying demo files in openhab-conf folder accessed through windows explorer.
I have implemented group, where several switches for home alarm present. Those are working fine, but now want to implement password modal window, so when security system armed it pops up modal window with password request to allow to disarm and take control over OH2.
Being said that i think I need actually 2 things:

  1. Implement setting like 4 digit password, so OH saves them in the system somewhere like in database or so, but simply can send them to controller to store in EEPROM, that is not big deal
  2. Implement modal window with text field for setting password and modal screen lock so when it popped it does not go off till correct password entered, and if OH2 opened on other device/browser it would still hangs on title screen…

Has anyone done this already?

I don’t understand what you mean by “modal window”.
Either way, OH does not support opening windows or interactive querys.
You would need to write rules to interface with your alarm system.

Thanks for rapid responce. I ment popup window with text field and grayed out background.
Rules and sending/receiving data is implemented already and it works, I just need to secure disarming security from permanent screen at home or hacking into home wifi, opening OH window from browser and disarming it…

If security is main concern then get a Raspberry pi 3 for a second server and use a separate router or the guest connection on main router. Keep your security stuff only on that server and use a password to access the control panel.

Slightly different approach


@rossko57 I was searching my bookmarks to add this to my post, got sidetracked, and you beat me to it. :laughing: Thanks for saving me, :+1: I really need to trim down on a few bookmarks as well. :upside_down_face:

Rossko that reply is great, thank you for the effort. I’m primarily using BasicUI, as I understood this is for HABpanel user interface? If there is a way to add this to BasicUI could you please explain how to set this script to work and send data to rules? If not, could you point me out for the same for HABpanel. I’m very new to OH2, just a week working on it or so…
Big thanks again for help and links!!!

This topic may help:

Essentially … no. It’s basic.

OK, will look into it, I think I messed up my serial communication with mega2560 by installing HABmin, need to see where is the fault…
Thanks for the hint!!!