Modbus binding dosent start

Hey i got a problem with the modbus binding,
I set up a brandnew OpenHAB 2.0 installation and installed the Modbus Binding 1.9 ( & allowed 1.x Bindings in the system).
Then i defined the input register in modbus.cfg:
& used it in the *.items file:
"Number Ist_Lufttemperatur “Lufttemperatur [%.1f °C]” {modbus=“herget1in:5”}"
But Modbus isnt starting & dont show up in the logs.

Hope anybody can help me :slight_smile:

You almost certainly want start=0 there

but I do not think that will be the problem. Can you see the binding in your addons.cfg ?

Cant see my binding there
have i to put it manually in?

I don’t know. What instructions did you follow to install the Modbus binding??

This might help