Modbus binding, int64 datatypes

Just wondered if someone could help me with a little issue of mine?
I’m trying to poll some data from my schneider smartlink system, and the data type is int64.

How will I be able to get these values in my openhab2 system?

Any help would be truly appreciated!

Best regards

Theoretically it should be something like this:

4 Registers with each 16 bit.

[3203] = 0 ( Int16 )
[3204] = 0 ( Int16 )
[3205] = 1333 ( Int16 )
[3206] = 22152 ( Int16 )

or something like 2 DWORD(s) (Int32)

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the version 2 of the binding does not yet support int64 type directly, at least not the same way as int32 or float32. However, you should be able to form the number based on advice from @BrutalBirdie.

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