Modbus Binding - Limit connections


I using OpenHab 2.4.0 M5 and the Modbus 1.13.0.M5 binding Ubuntu10.18LTS against a Ethernet relay card dS2824. This card has a limited number of “connections” and it looks like the Modbus binding are opening a new connections for each poll of data.

I have tested against a modbus simulator program (Mod-RSsim) and the modbus binding are using all the available connections (10) on the simulator right away and waiting until one of the time connections are timed out before the binding are asking again.

Is it a way to limit numbers of connections the Modbus binding are making?


There won’t be any more development for obsolete Modbus version 1.

I believe v2 of the binding offers better TCP handling and I think more configuration choice. For example, you can configure to disconnect/reconnect at each transfer.