Modbus binding problem with remove slave configuration


i’m using openhab2 snapshot build in 19.12.2016 with modbus1 binding and i have problem with modbus configuration file, when i add new slave all is good, modbus send ask to new slave but when i delete slave configuration or hash configuration for some slave and save file and restart openhab they still send ask to this slave i do not know why, anybody can help me?
I remove tmp directory and cash directory and modbus still send ask to hash slave.

OK, how to remove old configuration from modbus ?


I experienced the same behavior. Simply delete …/userdata/config/org/openhab/modbus.config and maybe restart openhab.

Doszedlem juz do tego ze tez zapisuje konfiguracje w tym pliku, w openhab2 snapshot build 675 juz nie trzeba go edytowac bo zalapuje po modyfikacji samego pliku modbus.cfg

English please!

Jawohl! :slight_smile: @swiety just said that he found that configurations are bound differently and it is just sufficient to edit modbus.cfg file without touching userdata.

I found this myself in hard way, cause for quite long time OH accepted configuration changes pushed via configuration admin/felix fileinstall in files matching managed component ids, and now it have changed. In my local installation after updates OH2 created ebus.cfg, influxdb.cfg and so on right next to my old org.openhab.ebus.cfg.